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iPod Touch 5G


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Online Auctions Apple iPod touch 5G 32GB in Internet. Bid online for this iPod Touch.


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You can never have too much fun.

The new iSight camera lets you take your best shots. Facebook integration gives you plenty to post about. (Or you can just ask Siri to post for you.) And, of course, there are endless games to play and endless music to listen to. All on the thinnest, lightest iPod touch ever.

Brillant new design.

It's Ok to stare.

When you see the new iPod touch 5G for the first time, you won’t believe your eyes. But when you hold it in your hand — that’s when you get how unbelievable it is. It weighs next to nothing, yet it’s no lightweight: it still does all the gaming, surfing, messaging and everything else you love, more powerfully than ever.

All-new Apple EarPods

Apple designers and engineers tested 124 different prototypes of the EarPods on over 600 people to create the all-new Apple EarPods. The result? A really comfortable fit and incredible sound.

The loop

The iPod touch 5G loop comes colour-matched to your iPod touch 5G, or you can buy other colours separately. It’s a fun new way to keep your iPod touch safe at hand.

iPod touch 5G now has a bigger, 4-inch Retina display, so all your fun takes on a bigger size. Your hairpin car-racing turns, your dance party playlist, your favourite celeb gossip site — everything is sharp, vivid and lifelike. And the new display is a perfect widescreen fit for your HD films and TV programmes because now you can watch them all without letterboxing.

One-handed use

The new iPod touch 5G screen gets taller, but not wider, so you still have complete one-handed control.

New iSight camera.

Smile. It's the best camera ever on an iPod touch. 

Some moments are just begging for a photo. Your best friend’s spooky lookalike spotted on the street. An entire wall of graffiti art. A surreal-looking sunset. The iSight camera on iPod touch 5G packs five megapixels — seven times more than the previous generation — and takes such great shots, you can ditch your point-and-shoot camera for good. And the surface of the iSight camera is made from sapphire crystal, whose hardness is second only to diamond when it comes to transparent materials. So the surface of the lens is more resistantto scratches.

Advanced optics, tap to focus, an LED flash and face detection help you get the shot every time. The iSight camera shoots 1080p HD video, and the front camera gets a boost for better FaceTime calls. And you can edit, crop and enhance your photos directly on iPod touchwith the iPhoto app, available in the App Store. 


Use the panorama feature on iPod touch 5G to grab a sweeping shot of your favourite city skyline, an end-of-year school photo or your dachshund stretched out at naptime. Just tap the button, move the camera over the scene and iPod touch seamlessly creates the perfect wide shot.

Dual-core A5 chip.

Power meets play.

It’s the most powerful iPod touch 5G ever. That’s because the dual-core A5 chip provides up to twice the processing power and up to seven times faster graphics than the previous generation. So games are incredibly responsive and realistic. Your samurai swordplay is sharper than ever, your zombie-dodging ultra-smooth. And because the A5 chip isn’t a power hog, you get the same great battery life: up to 40 hours of music or 8 hours of video on a single charge.1 So you can keep on swinging, slicing and racing. And listening, watching and browsing.

Music and video.

Up your entertaintment quotient.

Every iPod is all about music. But iPod touch 5G is about music and then some. It lets you carry round your entire music and video library for an instant fix of entertainment wherever you are.

Music and iTunes

The latest song you have on endless repeat. The indie track your friend recommended. That classic rock album your parents loved — and, it turns out, you love too. Your music library is yours alone, and your iPod touch 5G is where it all plays. And with every kind of music on iTunes just a tap away, you can find the perfect song for whatever mood — or room or car — you’re in.


Films and TV programmes never looked better oniPod touch. Videos play in true widescreen on the 4-inch Retina display. Colours positively pop thanks to 44 per cent greater saturation. And if you’re in the mood for that film your friends can’t stop raving about, head to the iTunes Store, where you can download it straight toiPod touch.


When you download your favourite music, apps, films, TV programmes and books from the iTunes Store toiPod touch, iCloud makes all that content accessible on all your other devices — iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC — so you never have to connect cables or manually sync to transfer your content.2 It’s easy like that. 

All-new Apple EarPods.

Completely re-imagined from the sound up.

Introducing Apple EarPods. They look unlike anything you’ve seen, and sound unlike anything you’ve heard. They fit comfortably and stay put through all kinds of activity, from your impromptu dancing to your hard-core workout. And the audio quality of Apple EarPods is so incredible, they rival high-end headphones that cost hundreds of pounds more.

Games and apps.

Gets ready for the big game.

Fast dual-core performance and sharp graphics make iPod touch 5G the hands-down, thumbs-up, most popular portable gaming device in the world. The App Store features 800,000 apps — including over 100,000 games — many of which are free. Boredom, you justgot trounced.

Game Center

This is where gamers become friends. And friends become foes. Game Center is your social gaming hub, where you create a profile, invite other gamers on your next mission and claim top-of-the-leaderboards bragging rights. Start a challenge with a random player round the world or with your mate round the corner. Let the domination begin.

Built-in apps. Fully stocked fun.

It’s not just about what’s out there. It’s also about what’s in here. iPod touch 5G comes loaded with lots of powerful built-in apps. Send unlimited texts with iMessage over Wi-Fi. See your friend’s every expression with a FaceTime video call. Check your email with Mail, and browse the web with Safari. And iOS 6 adds new stuff to the mix with Siri, Facebook integration, Maps, Passbookand more.

Sharing and staying connected.

Know what's up. The minute it goes down.

iPod touch 5G makes it easier and quicker than ever to stay in touch, with Facebook and Twitter integration, FaceTime, iMessage and more. You’ll have no problem staying in the know.

It's all the fun you could ask for.

Siri will wake you up, open your apps, give you film and restaurant picks, answer your most random questions and remind you to do stuff. In a nice way. All you have to do is ask.

With AirPlay, you can wirelessly stream whatever’s on your iPod touch 5G to your HDTV via Apple TV. Say you have some friends over and want a little more real estate to show them something on youriPod touch — a video of the world’s cutest kitten or an epic scene from your favourite film. Tap the AirPlay icon from the app you’re in — such as Photos, Music, Videos or Safari — and everything on your small screen plays on your big screen. You can also stream music to any AirPlay-enabled speakers or AirPort Express–connected speakers, so your sounds sound even bigger.

And AirPlay Mirroring lets you share exactly what’s happening on your iPod touch 5G screen at any given moment with everyone in the room — on your HDTV via Apple TV. Show a new site you discovered. Stream games live as you’re playing, and give your alien butt-kicking skills the full display they deserve.


Wireless is more.

With Bluetooth built into iPod touch 5G, pairing with Bluetooth-enabled headphones and speakers is a cinch. And if you get in a car with a Bluetooth-enabled sound system, your iPod touch 5G is ready to pick up where you left off. Without missing a beat.

All-new Lightning connector

Smaller. Smarter. Durable. Reversible.

The thinnest, lightest iPod touch 5G ever wouldn’t have been possible without making some big changes. Including completely redesigning the connector you charge it with. The new connector is called Lightning. It’s smaller and smarter, and with an adapter (sold separately), it’ll still work with the stuff you already have.


Brand Apple
Model MD720FD/A
Year manufacturing 2012
Capacity 32 GB
Operative system iOS
Other features

Vídeo, acelerometer, camera,

Bluetooth, WiFi, Apps, front


Display technology IPS Multi-touch
Display dimension 4 inches
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Contrast 33.3340277778
Image stabilyzer Electronic
Display resolution 640 x 1136
Optical senso resolution 5
Audio and video  
Audio input Built-in microphone
Audio output Jack 3.5 mm
Audio formats

AAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV, Audible,

Apple Lossless, AAX, AAX+, H.264,

MPEG-4, M-JPEG, 720p

Video capture resolution 1080p_full_HD
Battery Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Average battery time 40 hours
Charging time 4 hours
Comunication and network  
Network interface Wired & Wireless
Standards and interfaces  
Audio chanels 2
USB ports 1
Flash type LED
Media formats

AAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV, Audible,

Apple Lossless, AAX, AAX+, H.264,

MPEG-4, M-JPEG, 720p

Bluetooth Yes



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