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iPad 4


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Online Auctions APPLE iPad with Retina display - 4th generation - WiFi - 32 GB in internet. Bid online for this iPad 4.

Enjoy our online auctions of iPad 4. It's a great opportunity to get this amazing tablet iPad 4 on the best online auctions website.

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It's brillant. In every sense of the word.

Pick up the iPad 4 with Retina display and suddenly, it’s clear. You’re actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. Nothing comes between you and what you love. That’s because the fundamental elements of iPad 4 — the display, the A6X chip, the cameras, the wireless connection — all work together to create the best possible experience. And they make iPad capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

The breakthrough Retina display.

Everything you do with iPad 4, you do through its large, beautiful display. And when the display is better, the entire iPad 4 experience is better. The Retina display on iPad 4 features a 2048-by-1536 resolution, rich color saturation, and an astounding 3.1 million pixels. That’s four times the number of pixels in iPad 2 and a million more than an HDTV. Those pixels are so close together, your eyes can’t discern individual ones at a normal viewing distance. When you can’t see the pixels, you see the whole picture. Or article. Or game. In ways you never could before.


Twice the speed. Twice the graphics performance.

The new A6X chip inside iPad 4 is our most powerful mobile chip yet. It delivers up to twice the CPU and graphics performance of the A5X chip. And it makes iPad 4 feel faster and even more responsive. Apps launch instantly and run smoothly. Graphics‑intensive games are fluid and lifelike on the gorgeous Retina display. And with improved image signal processing built into the A6X chip, the photos and videos you take with the 5‑megapixel iSight camera look sharper and even more Retina worthy.

10-hour battery life.

iPad 4 features a 3.1-million-pixel Retina display and an advanced A6X chip. How much of an effect does that have on battery life? Almost none. You still get up to 10 hours of power to read, watch, play, write, and create whatever you want, all you want.

up to 10 hours battery life

Up to 128GB of storage.

You can do just about anything on youriPad 4. And the more you do take photos, record HD video, or create documents, for example — the more storage space you need. With up to 128GB, you don’t have to worry about space. Apps, music, magazines, and more there’s plenty of room to keep it all with you.



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