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Online Auction at max fixed price

Select your bid, closest to the Max. price from the bid bar.

Check if your bid is in the winner list at the first place.

When the auction finish if your bid is in the first position of the winner list.


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Free Online Auctions.

In these online auctions you can train and practice. Look for free online auctions in the main page; is totally free, no charge for bids and no balance needed, you can make bids as many as you want and prepare your strategy for victory in the online auctions that you like (iPhone 5, iPad 4, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, PS3, Samsung smart TV, iMac, Travel, ...). Just sign up for free and get started.


Auctions for Beginners.

Didn’t you win any BidBCN auction?


In order to achieve the maximum possible number of winners BidBCN limit access to this auction and may participate only users who have never won. In this way we try liven up the place and make it enjoyable for all users.


What are the "Bidding remaining" on the auction page?

Each auctioned product has an amount of 'Remaining Bids', which is the amount of bids needed to finish it. The auction ended when remaining bids reach zero and the timer reaches zero.


What is "Countdown Timer" on the auction page?

All products have a time remaining chronometer, it  will be reset while remaining Bids have not reached zero.


What is the "Price per Puja" in the auction page?

If a user doesn’t login cannot display the price bid. This is the amount that will be charged to your account every time you make a bid in the auction.


How can I know when an auction end?

An auction ends when the Remaining bids and Chronometer reach zero. The auction will see the word "CLOSED". If the Remaining Bids doesn’t reach zero Chronometer will be reset and Auction will continue.

Last winners
MP3 mini clip

S.S.G Santiago
Sold for

4,83 €
MP3 mini clip

M.M.B Villacarril ...
Sold for

4,98 €
Pack 50 €

S.F.S Lleida
Sold for

3,75 €
MP5 Suntech ROME ...

J.G.V Lyon/france
Sold for

5,40 €